IV.1. The VLOKR organization

The creation of the VLOKR platform is the combined effort of a team of twenty or more software architects, university professors and students, software engineers, coders, cryptocurrency traders, as well as legal and corporate advisors. The team is divided between three corporations, tasked with building the software for applications.

The three corporations are:

1) VLOKR Inc. in California, USA.

2) 041 Agency in California, USA is the developer that works to create the VLOKR platform.

3) The VLOCITY Foundation in Aruba, South America is a non-profit organization.

4) Capital funding Newport Beach Technology Acquisitions

The cryptocurrency industry has a high volatility of price and this will apply to our case also. The token value from private funding, its value at the crowd sale and the resulting market value after that will all be different and hopefully increasing if the plan is followed and the team does things the way they are supposed to.

IV.2. Roadmap

To add token issuing schedule and roadmap information in this section if completed.

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