III.2. The tokens model

The VTV cryptocurrency is a utility token that is used to post, vote and tag videos on the platform. The holders can influence content exposure in two ways:

1) Holding VTV for the VP accumulation

It was previously stated that each VTV produces one VP per hour for the holder. This voting power can greatly influence content exposure and rank. The ranking is determined by votes, by how new is the content and by tags. Content exposure will increase with VP spending.

2) Burning VTV for promotion

The VTV has an additional functionality that can be used to promote content with more VP through burning tokens. This is possible with the promote video feature when posting content. The tokens that have been burned are removed from the circulating supply by the blockchain and additional VP are added for boosting the post.

Promoting content will result in more exposure to the post and more rewards for its creator if the content proves to be significant, recent and of high quality. This feature will mostly be used by companies and advertisers who want to promote their products and services.

The VTV token as an asset

The VTV cryptocurrency is a tradable asset and has a certain monetary value outside of the platform. It can be traded between its holders on the platform cheaply and securely. It can also be traded outside of the platform through online exchanges that have pairs such as VTV/USD.

Trading VTV through various pairs and exchanges sets its average price and thus influences its market capitalization. We have introduced platform rewards to gain user recognition and to create a sustainable demand that will support the increase of market capitalization.

Creators and curators are incentivized to purchase VTV tokens so that they can influence content ranking.”

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