III.3. The customers to target

The demand for VTV will be led by two types of customers: users and advertisers. We plan to include in the future consumers of goods and services that can receive discounts or purchase on the platform.

The VLOKR platform is created primarily for users such as content creators and influencers who seek an audience. They represent the main source of revenue. Our business model is inspired by the gaming industry as it includes both free to play and add-on purchases such as character skins and subscriptions. The free to play component is represented by users who post and curate videos to earn VTV rewards. It is also possible to increase voting power by purchasing more VTV and this mirrors the component of add-on purchases. We want to provide additional paying services such as user badges and new features.

The advertisers are also a source of revenue and they can promote what content is relevant for them. This can be accomplished quickly and efficiently by burning tokens. The advertisers will also be customers as they will purchase tokens to give exposure and high ranking to the promoted content.

We plan on the long term to include consumers in this category as the user base is growing and the platform is gaining recognition. The approach is to partner with consumer brands and shops that accept price discounts in VTV. The consumers will then be able to make purchases with the platform.

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